Now the bottles give you money

Although it sounds illogical or think that you’re going to demean “less” I want to report that I talk collecting or as many will say, “garbage” will not become poor and instead can become rich; if you are starting in this business pick yourself bottles and sell them to companies that are responsible for crushing is the most ideal place to start saving and then buy specialized machines for crushing and creating bales, if you notice when picking up not invest anything money, just a little time, many companies and local businesses pay monetary compensation to make you take your garbage, if you run into an agreement with the owner of this business can tell you’re interested take the plastic bottles to an absurd price the which will save you the time of looking …
Get a few people who are just starting in this and pay them a fixed money for every kilo of PET material, perhaps this will really lower gain but the “heavy” work they will do on your own you will focus on selling to specialized plants to crush this material.

How much profit margin lets you create me a PET business?

Seeing the two points that we let up we say that each profit is good in relation to the point that was chosen:

To point one the profit margin is 80% and you yourself are going to collect and sell the PET material. The remaining 20% will go on tools which will work at a time.
To point two the profit margin is lower because you have to pay someone we suggest collecting pay 30-40% so you get a profit margin of 40% and the rest will be in tools.
Without any doubt the choice you make will be very profitable as companies always need recycling material demand and this is where you can get a good income, many of them if you are consistent you get annual contracts.

If the collecting and selling bottles or PET material was a good idea for very lucrative income it is time to take the next step which is to set up your own PET recycling company, then we will give an introduction:

What makes a recycling company generates revenue and how?

The question is somewhat obvious because a recycling company literally recycled material is discarded and transforms it into virgin material ready to create bottles

Ahora las Botellas te dan dinero

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